Mash up delicious Feeds, Serve with Twitter & Netvibes

Delicious RSS online bookmarking is one of my all-time super favorite web services. Not only can I bookmark all of my favorite pages, but I can browse all the best pages for different topics that have been tagged by people all over the world.

For example, to see the latest pages saved under the tag “photoshop,” just type in:

Similarly, for the most popular of those pages, type:

Anyone familiar with delicious bookmarks knows this already of course. But what some of you may not have noticed is the super-way-cool-and-totally-awesome RSS feed at the bottom of every single delicious page:

The RSS Feed is at the bottom of the delicious page

That means you can subscribe to a feed of pages tagged as “tips” or “movies” or “mitochondria” — whatever turns your crank.

Now, like any RSS feeds, you can use these however you see fit. But I think they work especially well with Twitter and Netvibes.

Share certain Delicious Links through Twitter

TwitterI’ve often seen some of my friends send a twitter message that looks something like this:

Reading: – The best thing since chilli-cheese nachos!

Most likely, what’s happening here is they’re running an RSS feed through It might be a delicious feed, such as the RSS feed for, or possibly even a feed from Google Shared Bookmarks maybe. The point is, you can insert any prefix you wish in front of your bookmarked link to create your Tweet:

Favorited: – The best thing since chilli-cheese nachos!

or even still (though highly unlikely):

This Sucks: – The worst thing since chilli-cheese nachos!

I mean really… Who doesn’t like nachos?

Use Netvibes to Create a Personalized Portal

NetvibesNetvibes can mash together a collection of RSS feeds from all your favorite websites, so you can create your own personal portal page. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that you can keep tabs keep up with the very latest news on any given topic watching the delicious feed for that given topic.

So for example, I like to keep up to speed on all things Apple, so I subscribe to the Apple, Leopard, Macbook, and OSX tag feeds. The resulting netvibes page is below:

Netvibes with delicious links

That page is just a mock-up I did to show you how it looks on the APPLE tab on my netvibes page. Just imagine how much info you can browse and digest if you create 4 or 5 tabs on your netvibes page?

Browsing the internet becomes a whole lot easier when you use the right tools. And delicious feeds are among the best filters out there for the mass of content that exists on the web.

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