Leave notes to yourself around the Web

Internote leadIf you love leaving little memos or sticky notes on everything from your desk to your dog, you'll love the Firef

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ox plugin Internote.

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The browser addon lets you quickly “stick” a sticky note (Post-itยฎ) on any Web page you visit. Write whatever you want on the sticky, and the next time you return to the page the note will be there to remind you of whatever it was you didn't want to forget.

Once you've installed the plugin, you'll have a small Internote icon in your status bar at the bottom of your browser. When you want to add an Internote (sticky) to a particular page, simply click the icon and up it pops. You can add as many Internotes as you like to a page.

Internote in actionAdditionally, the notes feature custom fruity background colours (banana, melon, blueberry, lime, grape and cauliflower), earthy font colours (charcoal, topsoil, grass, aluminum, rose and snow), as well as various sizes for both text and stickies.

Other options include the ability to set the default position (top-left/top-right/bottom-left/bottom-right/centre) and whether or not the note is translucent.

Internote managerIn case you lose track of the various notes you've posted throughout your surfing, Internotes comes with a handy Internote manager, where you can browse, modify and delete the various Internotes you've created. The manager also allows you to print and export the notes, should you need to.

And if there are any Canadians in the crowd, they'll be pleased to note that the addon's creator is named Tim Horton. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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