Giving Twitter a Twhirl

twhirl00.jpgAs short as popular microblogging platform Twitter‘s history is, I’ve already run the gamut. I joined the site early on, but as updating required logging into the site, I quickly lost interest and dropped it from my bookmarks – until I was introduced to Twhirl.

Twhirl is a desktop Twitter client that runs under the rather clever Adobe AIR platform on both Mac and PC operating systems. At the forefront of it’s impressive feature list is the ability to quickly manage multiple Twitter accounts, and runs somewhat akin to an IM client (MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, etc.) making the act of posting new tweets a breeze.

Despite the Twirl project still being in its infancy, its feature list is quite impressive (from the site):

Twirl Feature List (v0.7.3)

  • twhirl01.jpgremembering login credentials on user’s computer
  • all-in-one timeline with tweets, replies and direct messages
  • configurable auto-updates for the timeline
  • displaying user’s latest 20 status updates and direct messages sent
  • sending status updates
  • sending replies to other users (with quick buttons on others’ statuses)
  • sending direct messages to other users
  • showing user’s friends and followers
  • deleting own status updates and direct messages
  • input area can be hidden (configurable auto-hiding)
  • multi-account support
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • sys tray / dock icon support
  • audible and visual notifications
  • viewing and (un)setting favorites
  • (un)following users
  • auto-updating the program
  • changeable color schemes
  • searching for public tweets (powered by terraminds)
  • filtering the timeline

All lists (statuses, direct messages, users) can be cleared and refreshed. To keep the user interface compact, the different lists are on seperate “layers”, of which only one is visible. You can change the visible layer using a combo box.

The free download installs quickly (despite requiring the Adobe AIR runtime – get it here) and its customizable interface is slick and easy to get the hang of. Twhirl is essential for anyone that likes the idea of Twitter, but finds the browser-bound interface cumbersome.

Oh, and be sure to follow the official Tip. Trick. Mod. Twitter for instant updates on what’s happening around here.

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