The Best Web-app you’ve Never Heard of: is kinda like plus all rolled into one, with a few added functions to boot. Here’s why I love it. It’s the best file sharing site that I’ve found to date. Unlike most file-sharing sites, I don’t have to sign up for a membership, nor does the person receiving my file. There’s a 100MB limit, which is ok. Not outstanding, but significant enough to be useful.

So you first you name your “drop.” I just made Choose something easy to remember. Then upload your file, set a password if you like, and “drop” it.

Now while this file sharing feature is enough to make noteworthy, here are a few more functions which make it thoroughly kick arse:

1. Embeddable Upload Widget

You can also embed an upload widget into your site, and people can upload files to you directly to your drop. See? Here’s ours: simple private sharing

2. Email and RSS

Stay up to date on when the drop is updated. So for example, if my friend shares a photo with me, I’ll be notified. You can also email media to your drop. The email address for our drop is If I wanted to send a photo from my phone directly to this drop via email, it’s easy. Yes, flickr has that too. But that doesn’t mean it ain’t cool.

3. Phone your Drop

Ok. Here’s where it gets cool. You can phone your drop using the telephone number they provide (each drop is unique) and your call will be recorded in mp3 format. Feel like leaving TipTrickMod an mp3 message? Call 646-495-9203 x 73504. This is a way neato tool. Podcasters, you listening? Oh yeah… There’s a conference call option as well, if you’d like to give that a go too.

4. Receive a fax

And yes, to round it all off you can receive faxes as well.

Hope you guys find that useful! I know I did.

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