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8HandsMytube, Facespace, Flitter, Youbook, Twickr… it's a full-time job just keeping these oddly-named Web 2.0 social networks straight! Thankfully a new download called

s, gives you quick access to MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and pretty much anything with an RSS feed. It puts the notifications of updates on any of a half-dozen social networks (with more in the works) right in front of your face.

No longer do you have to log into all the various sites to gain access to what your friends are saying to and about you – 8hands keeps track of it all. Additionally it tracks media updates for both YouTube and Flickr.

What's more, it can also act as an IM client, allowing you to chat with other 8hands users – update the app's status bar and it instantly sends the update on to Twitter.

8hands clearly better than one, erm twoThe program is still in “Alpha” stages, meaning it's far from complete, but it's off to a very strong start. Planned social site additions include Friendster,, Bebo and Xenga. Unfortunately this is currently strictly a PC program, but the 8hands site indicates a Mac version is on its way.

Additionally, I'd really like to see further integration with other popular IM clients (a la Pidgin or Trillian). The program isn't all that light on memory real-estate, so it would be nice if I could do away with my other messenger clients to make room and keep things running smoothly.

Growing pains and future features aside, 8hands is certainly better than the two genetics gave you and will no doubt save anyone who's a Web 2.0 junkie a whole lot of time.

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