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Google Chrome brings new shine to browser market

Google ChromeIt's no secret that near everything Google touches turns to gold, but as of yesterday the company has plans to embed an entirely different metal on your desktop – Chrome.

Google Chrome is a new Internet browser that has been designed from the ground up to simplify the user interface and, perhaps more importantly, streamline and speed-up the multitude of processing that happens behind the scenes when you visit a Web site.…

Lightning Sweetens Thunderbird

lightning00.jpgIt seems like ages ago that Mozilla Firefox, and all its mod-loveliness, replaced Internet Explorer as my net browser of choice. And when I saw the company also offered an alternative to Outlook Express, it wasn’t long before I switched all my e-mail habits to Thunderbird and bid Microsoft farewell.

The one thing that Thunderbird always lacked, however, was a slick task/event/calendar interface, a fact that very nearly caused me to dig into my dusty MS Office folder to …

Leave notes to yourself around the Web

Internote leadIf you love leaving little memos or sticky notes on everything from your desk to your dog, you'll love the Firef

ox plugin Internote.

The browser addon lets you quickly “stick” a sticky note (Post-it®) on any Web page you visit. Write whatever you want on the sticky, and the next time you return to the page the note will be there to remind you of whatever it was you didn't want …