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Free Tech Support For Your Mac

Mac DietOne of the hidden beauties of owning an Apple Mac is the wealth of effectively free ‘tech support’ offered up by fe

llow users.

Not only is this support free, it is well organized – across a few key forums and discussion groups, which I shall review below – and is dished out freely by Mac experts who often reply to new queries (or cries for help!) within hours of the original post.

What do such Mac …

Quick Big Mac Diet – De-localize Your Apps

Mac DietAs much as one might like to be a polyglot, freely conversing in a number of the world’s gorgeous languages, most of us are steadfastly mono- or bi-lingual.

Many applications on your Mac, however, come bundled with an array of ‘localizations’ so that one release of a company’s app can suit the needs of practically all of their global users. But that represents a waste of valuable disk space for 99.9% of people who use their apps in just one …