Full Hard Drive? Try Spacemonger

Spacemonger produces a graphics representation of your hard drive contentsTrying to clean up a bloated hard drive can be a tedious task. How do you know which files or which applications are taking up the most space? Are there massive video files or photo stashes hidden away deep in some obscure folder that you’ve forgotten about?

Well, Spacemonger is neato little app (just a 100kb download) which looks at your hard drive and then renders a graphical representation of its contents. Files, folders, and apps which take up the most space are represented by bigger squares.

As a result you can easily determine where the trash is, and then proceed with throwing it out.

Download Spacemonger for Windows here.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll see once you run it:

SpaceMonger gives you a graphical respresentation of data on your hard drive!

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