Adrift in the sea of technology

anchorsawaySo this is it – the launching of a new blog. I can’t seem to get the images of a sea-side farewell with a smashed bottle of Champagne lying on the ground out of my head.

Somewhat fitting perhaps, considering the high-tech ocean around us, and its penchant for driving us me to drink.

Jokes aside, this blog is birthed for that very reason – the sea of information looking to crush us with her digital waves. It seems I spend a solid portion of my day navigating the Web in search of ways to make navigating the Web more efficient. I load my computer with application upon application in hopes that one of them will speed it up or trim it down.

In short, I waste my time in a sometimes seemingly futile attempt to save time. And I don’t think I’m alone.

Tip. Trick. Mod. is a blog for folks like us. People who want to make all this tech

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nology start working for, not against, them.

Every day our writers will bring you practical tips, tricks and modifications that you can use to better your Web site, browsing experience, home computer, mobile phone or just your life in general.

Tip. Trick. Mod. is published by yours truly, Ryan McLaughlin, as well as Rick Martin – just two average guys that spend far too much time online and far too little of it being productive.

Though we also do our share of the writing, much of the content comes from much smarter Webizens than us. Bloggers from all walks of life. Young and old. Women and men. All size, shape, colour and creed. Because, lets face it, when it comes to the great ocean that is the ‘Modern World’, we can use all the help we can get.

So let us be your guides, your hunters, your tow to calmer waters. And by all means, if you can return the favour, drop us a line and let us know your tip, trick or mod.

After all – life’s about the customization.

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