Speech Recognition Chess in Mac OSX: A Deaf Leopard

While I really like speech capabilities in Mac OSX, I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the speech recognition.

I got very excited when I thought about the prospects of eating macaroni and chess on the sofa and yelling chess notation at my Macbook. I know, I know… Who wouldn’t? But after testing out the speech recognition just now, it looks that’s not going to happen. Here’s a clip of one game that I just couldn’t finish:

No self-respecting chess player is going to sit through an entire game of that. It’s just agonizing… But that said, Leopard’s speech recognition is as good as any I’ve seen, and I expect good things from Apple in the future.

My tip here: Don’t even bother. At least, not yet.

Further info on Mac OSX Speech Recognition:
Make your Mac’s Speech Recognition Work for you

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