Using Active Screen Corners in Mac OS X

Like with any operating system, you likely don’t utilize all the features that you potentially could. Heck, some of the features, you probably didn’t even know they existed. Or maybe you just didn’t bother to enable them.

That’s likely the case with Mac OS X’s Active Corners feature, which is a neat little tool that helps you do many different tasks just a little bit quicker.

Go to System Preferences, then Expose and Spaces. You’ll see Active Screen Corner options on the top of the page.
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In a nutshell, what this feature allows you to do, is to activate any of the following Mac OS X processes simply by moving your mouse to any of the screens far corners:

  • All Windows
  • Application Windows
  • Desktop
  • Dashboard
  • Spaces
  • Start Screensaver
  • Disable Screensaver
  • Sleep Display

The most practical of these I find is “enable sleep display.” Whenever I step away from my Macbook (which isn’t often!), I just drag the mouse to the bottom corner, thus kicking her into sleep mode — and saving me a little battery power.

If you use the spaces feature, Active Corners is a must as well.


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