Change icons on Mac OS X

Here’s the first in an ongoing series of screencas elwilde 19 ninety  ts on TipTrickMod; we’ll start with something simple yet brilliantly useful: how to change the display icon for a folder, app, or drive, on Mac OS X.

In the screencast, we also suggest three great sources of icons fo Pandora Gold Beads would have  r use on your Mac. You’ll need some such icons, in ‘.icns’ format, ready to modify the appearance of your folder, app, or hard-drive icons. Here are the links to those great resources:

Guipulp – a daily updated round-up of great icons (and other customisation resources) from across the web.
Pixel Delicioso – another good-looking source of icons (as well as wallpapers)
Deviantart – direct from the digital artists themselves. Search by ‘newest’ or ‘popular’ across time.

All set? Now you’re read to mod your icons with our screencast:

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