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Why ‘Preview’ is the best batch photo resizer for Mac

Preview app, in OS XApple’s own image-viewing app, P

review, has quite a few other tricks up its sleeve – and one among those is that it’s actually the best batch photo resizer for the Mac. Plus, it’s free, and you’ve already got it installed on OS X.

This resizing skill has been somewhat overlooked because it’s a bit buried away in the menubar under ‘Tools’. But, in my usage of it, I’ve found it to be flexible and useful – …

Add dictionaries to your Mac’s Dictionary app, and more cunning linguist tips

dictionaryHere’s everything you need to know about how to add extra dictionaries to the OS X, set up your preferred diction A elwilde lot more  ary within the preferences, use Dictionary from Spotlight, and get a super-fast translation or definition from right within Safari, Pages, Mail, and other native Mac apps.

Before you check out the video screencast, just think of a dictionary or thesaurus that you’d like to have added to your Mac’s Dictionary, and then Google around …

Change icons on Mac OS X

Here’s the first in an ongoing series of screencas elwilde 19 ninety  ts on TipTrickMod; we’ll start with something simple yet brilliantly useful: how to change the display icon for a folder, app, or drive, on Mac OS X.

In the screencast, we also suggest three great sources of icons fo Pandora Gold Beads would have  r use on your Mac. You’ll need some such icons, in ‘.icns’ format, ready to modify the appearance of your folder, app, or hard-drive …

Put Up Shelves On Yor Mac, with Finder Backgrounds

Finder ShelvesA couple of months ago, one clever designer had a neat creative idea: create a background image of shelving to use in the Finder window of his Mac. It creates the impression that your folders or apps are 'sitting' on the shelves, which is very cute. A few other designers got inspired, and now I can find a total of 12 great 'shelves' for your Mac, from five different sources.

The idea plays to the strengths of the Mac, with …

Stunning New Vizualizer in iTunes 8

Well, apparently you could do this  Burberry Outlet UK  before the new iTunes 8 release yesterday, but now it’s an official iTunes feature instead of an add-on. I have to admit that I’d never ever turned on the iTunes vizualizer before  Burberry Shoes today (you ca Treating And Beating Fibromyalgia And Cfs n toggle it using command+T), but I’m certainly going to use it now.

It’s absolutely mesmerizing. …

Mac OSX Leopard: How to switch between languages

Using hotkeys, that is. By default the hotkeys for toggling the language input is set as Command+Space. But since Spotlight's default hotkey is also set as Command+Space, that leaves the language-togglin' hotkey essential disabled. We need to go into system preferences and change that.

Fluid Adds Zest to Web Apps

A Google Reader app made using Fluid
Fluid is a 'Mac'-only application that allows you to create “site-specific browsers“ to bring web apps more concretely onto your desktop. So, you can make individual apps for your Mac – which are small in size, and fast – for web services such as Facebook, Facebook Chat, Flickr,, Google Reader, Google Docs, G-Cal, Gmail, Hahlo, Blogger, MySpace, eBay, and hundreds of others.

It's so simple  to make your own app (once you have Fluid) that you can do it …

Free Tech Support For Your Mac

Mac DietOne of the hidden beauties of owning an Apple Mac is the wealth of effectively free ‘tech support’ offered up by fe

llow users.

Not only is this support free, it is well organized – across a few key forums and discussion groups, which I shall review below – and is dished out freely by Mac experts who often reply to new queries (or cries for help!) within hours of the original post.

What do such Mac …

Quick Big Mac Diet – De-localize Your Apps

Mac DietAs much as one might like to be a polyglot, freely conversing in a number of the world’s gorgeous languages, most of us are steadfastly mono- or bi-lingual.

Many applications on your Mac, however, come bundled with an array of ‘localizations’ so that one release of a company’s app can suit the needs of practically all of their global users. But that represents a waste of valuable disk space for 99.9% of people who use their apps in just one …

Leopard’s Text-to-Speech, guest appearance by Soundwave?

Leopard's Text-to-Speech capabilities are great for visually impaired users. Highlight some text, click the designated trigger key, and your Mac will read the text to you in one of it's many different voices. The default is Alex. But I prefer Zarvox. Off the record, I believe Zarvox is just a cover name. I suspect it's really Soundwave, who having been excluded from the Transformers movie was snatched up from the unemployment line by Apple.