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How to Find GoDaddy Promo Codes

I don’t buy many domain names, but when I do buy a dot-com I usually try to  Burberry Handbags track down a promo code to save a few bucks on the usually $9.99 price. I’ve found the best way to do this is to search twitter for promo codes that have recently been tweeted:

Twitter search for “Godaddy” + “Promo”:

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for  Burberry Outlet UK that search result as well.…

Stunning New Vizualizer in iTunes 8

Well, apparently you could do this  Burberry Outlet UK  before the new iTunes 8 release yesterday, but now it’s an official iTunes feature instead of an add-on. I have to admit that I’d never ever turned on the iTunes vizualizer before  Burberry Shoes today (you ca Treating And Beating Fibromyalgia And Cfs n toggle it using command+T), but I’m certainly going to use it now.

It’s absolutely mesmerizing. …

Mac OSX Leopard: How to switch between languages

Using hotkeys, that is. By default the hotkeys for toggling the language input is set as Command+Space. But since Spotlight's default hotkey is also set as Command+Space, that leaves the language-togglin' hotkey essential disabled. We need to go into system preferences and change that. Promo, free upgrade to 1G account

I wrote about before, so I'm not going to gush about why I think it's so awesome again. Suffice it to say that it's one of the best online storage options on the internet right now.  It might not be the biggest, but it's certainly the most functional by far. …

Fight Spam with Re-Captcha. And Digitize Books.

Re-Captcha has to be one of the most ingenius ideas to ever grace the internets. What I primarily use it for is hiding my email from spam-robots. Rather than putting my email address on my blog in plain view for spam-bots to see, I use Re-Captcha to hide it.

The Best Web-app you’ve Never Heard of: is kinda like plus all rolled into one, with a few added functions to boot. Here's why I love it. It's the best file sharing site that I've found to date. Unlike most file-sharing sites, I don't have to sign up for a membership, nor does the person receiving my file. There's a 100MB limit, which is ok. Not outstanding, but significant enough to be useful.

Leopard’s Text-to-Speech, guest appearance by Soundwave?

Leopard's Text-to-Speech capabilities are great for visually impaired users. Highlight some text, click the designated trigger key, and your Mac will read the text to you in one of it's many different voices. The default is Alex. But I prefer Zarvox. Off the record, I believe Zarvox is just a cover name. I suspect it's really Soundwave, who having been excluded from the Transformers movie was snatched up from the unemployment line by Apple.

Mash up delicious Feeds, Serve with Twitter & Netvibes

Delicious RSS online bookmarking is one of my all-time super favorite web services. Not only can I bookmark all of my favorite pages, but I can browse all the best pages for different topics that have been tagged by people all over the world. …

Speech Recognition Chess in Mac OSX: A Deaf Leopard

While I really like speech capabilities in Mac OSX, I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the speech recognition. I got very excited when I thought about the prospects of eating macaroni and chess on the sofa and yelling chess notation at my Macbook. I know, I know... Who wouldn't?

Using Active Screen Corners in Mac OS X

Like with any operating system, you likely don't utilize all the features that you potentially could. Heck, some of the features, you probably didn't even know they existed. Or maybe you just didn't bother to enable them. That's likely the case with Mac OS X's Active Corners feature, which is a neat little tool that helps you do many different tasks just a little bit quicker.