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How to make a Delicious “plugin” for Chrome

When I migrated my browsing habits to Chrome a couple weeks back one of my big holdups was that Google Chrome didn’t have a Delicious plugin for quickly Burberry Accessories   bookmarking links.

However, with just a tad of javascript you can correct this Chrome shortcoming.…

Stunning New Vizualizer in iTunes 8

Well, apparently you could do this  Burberry Outlet UK  before the new iTunes 8 release yesterday, but now it’s an official iTunes feature instead of an add-on. I have to admit that I’d never ever turned on the iTunes vizualizer before  Burberry Shoes today (you ca Treating And Beating Fibromyalgia And Cfs n toggle it using command+T), but I’m certainly going to use it now.

It’s absolutely mesmerizing. …

4 free online personal finance tools

I've recently dug in and decided to add some method to the madness that is my finances.

Perhaps not unlike many of you, I'm quite clueless when it comes to financial planning. It, in the same way as exercise, is one of those things I know I should do, I put large amounts of effort into thinking about doing, but never actually get off my ass and do it.

Well, no more. I'm …

Google Chrome brings new shine to browser market

Google ChromeIt's no secret that near everything Google touches turns to gold, but as of yesterday the company has plans to embed an entirely different metal on your desktop – Chrome.

Google Chrome is a new Internet browser that has been designed from the ground up to simplify the user interface and, perhaps more importantly, streamline and speed-up the multitude of processing that happens behind the scenes when you visit a Web site.…