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Flip 3D-like solutions for XP and Home Basic

If you happen to be one of the many folks that have a system pre-loaded with an OEM version of Windows Vista Home Basic, or just haven’t stepped into Microsoft’s new generation of OS and are still running XP, here’s a little tip on how you can have your system mimic Vista Aero’s slick new Flip 3D task switcher.

First, I should preface this with the tidbit that I spent a couple hours looking …

Fight Spam with Re-Captcha. And Digitize Books.

Re-Captcha has to be one of the most ingenius ideas to ever grace the internets. What I primarily use it for is hiding my email from spam-robots. Rather than putting my email address on my blog in plain view for spam-bots to see, I use Re-Captcha to hide it.

The Best Web-app you’ve Never Heard of: is kinda like plus all rolled into one, with a few added functions to boot. Here's why I love it. It's the best file sharing site that I've found to date. Unlike most file-sharing sites, I don't have to sign up for a membership, nor does the person receiving my file. There's a 100MB limit, which is ok. Not outstanding, but significant enough to be useful.

Free Tech Support For Your Mac

Mac DietOne of the hidden beauties of owning an Apple Mac is the wealth of effectively free ‘tech support’ offered up by fe

llow users.

Not only is this support free, it is well organized – across a few key forums and discussion groups, which I shall review below – and is dished out freely by Mac experts who often reply to new queries (or cries for help!) within hours of the original post.

What do such Mac …

How to change the location of My Documents in XP and Vista

Having just taken delivery of a new system that came pre-installed with Windows Vista and not much else, I’m using the opportunity to right some wrongs in my rather horribly maintained file structure.

I like to keep my non-system/program files on a partition, while leaving the standard C drive to hold the bulk of installed programs and system files. This keeps all my media (movies, music, photos, etc.) seperate from the drive that houses my OS – allowing me a …