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Quick Big Mac Diet – De-localize Your Apps

Mac DietAs much as one might like to be a polyglot, freely conversing in a number of the world’s gorgeous languages, most of us are steadfastly mono- or bi-lingual.

Many applications on your Mac, however, come bundled with an array of ‘localizations’ so that one release of a company’s app can suit the needs of practically all of their global users. But that represents a waste of valuable disk space for 99.9% of people who use their apps in just one …

Interactive Internet speed test

It’s rare that tips come so easily, but have done their SEO work right and so when scouting for a place to test the quickness of my net connection a while back, I was relieved that such a cool tool was the first entry in the Google SERPs.

The completely free, Flash-based Internet speed test gives you a sweet graphical interface to view while testing your hook-up to the Web. Additionally, the site allows you to choose from …

Leopard’s Text-to-Speech, guest appearance by Soundwave?

Leopard's Text-to-Speech capabilities are great for visually impaired users. Highlight some text, click the designated trigger key, and your Mac will read the text to you in one of it's many different voices. The default is Alex. But I prefer Zarvox. Off the record, I believe Zarvox is just a cover name. I suspect it's really Soundwave, who having been excluded from the Transformers movie was snatched up from the unemployment line by Apple.

Mash up delicious Feeds, Serve with Twitter & Netvibes

Delicious RSS online bookmarking is one of my all-time super favorite web services. Not only can I bookmark all of my favorite pages, but I can browse all the best pages for different topics that have been tagged by people all over the world. …

Giving Twitter a Twhirl

twhirl00.jpgAs short as popular microblogging platform Twitter‘s history is, I’ve already run the gamut. I joined the site early on, but as updating required logging into the site, I quickly lost interest and dropped it from my bookmarks – until I was introduced to Twhirl.

Twhirl is a desktop Twitter client that runs under the rather clever Adobe AIR platform on both Mac and PC operating systems. At the forefront of it’s impressive feature list is the ability …