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Lightning Sweetens Thunderbird

lightning00.jpgIt seems like ages ago that Mozilla Firefox, and all its mod-loveliness, replaced Internet Explorer as my net browser of choice. And when I saw the company also offered an alternative to Outlook Express, it wasn’t long before I switched all my e-mail habits to Thunderbird and bid Microsoft farewell.

The one thing that Thunderbird always lacked, however, was a slick task/event/calendar interface, a fact that very nearly caused me to dig into my dusty MS Office folder to …

Speech Recognition Chess in Mac OSX: A Deaf Leopard

While I really like speech capabilities in Mac OSX, I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the speech recognition. I got very excited when I thought about the prospects of eating macaroni and chess on the sofa and yelling chess notation at my Macbook. I know, I know... Who wouldn't?

Using Active Screen Corners in Mac OS X

Like with any operating system, you likely don't utilize all the features that you potentially could. Heck, some of the features, you probably didn't even know they existed. Or maybe you just didn't bother to enable them. That's likely the case with Mac OS X's Active Corners feature, which is a neat little tool that helps you do many different tasks just a little bit quicker.