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Leave notes to yourself around the Web

Internote leadIf you love leaving little memos or sticky notes on everything from your desk to your dog, you'll love the Firef

ox plugin Internote.

The browser addon lets you quickly “stick” a sticky note (Post-it®) on any Web page you visit. Write whatever you want on the sticky, and the next time you return to the page the note will be there to remind you of whatever it was you didn't want …

Full Hard Drive? Try Spacemonger

Trying to clean up a bloated hard drive can be a tedious task. How do you know which files or which applications are taking up the most space? Are there massive video files or photo stashes hidden away deep in some obscure folder that you've forgotten about? Well, Spacemonger is neato little app (just a 100kb download) which looks at your hard drive and then renders a graphical representation of its contents. Files, folders, and apps which take up the most space are represented by bigger squares.

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Make XP Vista-ish with Zune theme

Zune ThemeTired of Windows XP’s three default colour schemes? Me too. Thankfully the folks behind Microsoft’s Zune mp3 player have a little something to give your Windows XP desktop a slicker Vista-ish style.

The Zune theme, which was previously called “Royale Noir”, has been out for a while – but unless you’re on a serious hunt for XP customizations, or have a Zune player, you’re not likely to stumble across it. However, if you’ve upgraded your Windows Media Player to version …

Adrift in the sea of technology

anchorsawaySo this is it – the launching of a new blog. I can’t seem to get the images of a sea-side farewell with a smashed bottle of Champagne lying on the ground out of my head.

Somewhat fitting perhaps, considering the high-tech ocean around us, and its penchant for driving us me to drink.

Jokes aside, this blog is birthed for that very reason – the sea of information looking to crush us with her digital waves. It seems I …